Who Is Big Daddy?
Live Sound

Please contact us for a quotation on managing your next event stage.

Many of our clients have a need for some assistance when putting on  a fundraising event such as a fashion show, talent show, pep rally, community or school festival.  Traditional sound companies often are priced out of range for these type of events.  Usually the decision is to go it alone with varying results in terms of production quality.  We are here to fill this gap with cost effective event stage management packages tailored to smaller events. 

Big Daddy DJ Service offers the following in various combinations for your next event:


Turnkey attended live sound systems
Mixing console operation
MC Services to announce acts, speakers, etc.
DJ Service to motivate crowd and fill in gaps in stage activity


Generator for events with no power access or backup in the event of power failure (The show WILL go on!). This is a Honda  inverter generator which provides an output specifically for sensitive audio equipment.  The system is capable of running a complete sound system including the electrical requirements of a small rock band.

Large selection of microphone stands

Large selection of wired microphones featuring Sure  SM 57 and SM 58 professional microphones

Audio Technica wireless microphones

Guitar stands, amp stands, and keyboard stands

Audio snakes

Mixing console

Stage monitors

DI Boxes